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Nexus and YotaWerx have joined forces

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Nexus and YotaWerx (YW) have joined forces to create a collaborative file we've dubbed, Blackhawk. Blackhawk takes Nexus to a whole new level. This tune offers more grunt than thought possible from a N/A engine, and that power continues to impress all the way through the RPM range.

YotaWerx Tuning and Nexus have been collaborating together for several months now on a significant update to the N/A 3.5L Tacoma tunes, a complete overhaul, really. This collaboration brings together a wealth of knowledge, including our expertise with transmission control, and YW's track record with creating high torque output tunes. Several testers have been trying out this tune, testing it across many climates and elevations, providing daily feedback and data logs to assist in its development.

This morning, the Blackhawk premium fuel tune was run on the dyno against the stock tune; see below for the dyno graph.

YW Nexus Blackhawk Dyno

Coordination and scheduling to dyno the regular fuel tune is in the works as well, and we're looking forward to the results as even on regular fuel.

Nexus is aiming for a release in June of this year. Blackhawk will be available for all 3rd Gen A/T and M/T configurations. For all current Nexus customers, this will be offered as a free upgrade.

YotaWerx Tuning and Nexus use VF Tuner to make projects like this possible for the community.


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