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  • What does Nexus Tuning Offer?
    Nexus Tuning offers tuning (flash) services or files of custom calibrations made by us for select Toyota and Lexus models.
  • How does Nexus Tuning flash or tune a vehicle?
    We use the hardware and software supplied by vF Tuner and a custom file made specifically by our team or with a collaboration between other well-known groups in the tuning market.
  • What do tunes made by Nexus Tuning offer to me?
    Proven massive horsepower and torque increases without the need for other modifications to your vehicle. Elimination of gear hunting when driving at high speeds. Increased throttle sensitivity and response. That means no more "dead pedal" feeling. More responsive to a wide range of octanes.* Improved shift points to keep the vehicle in the power band it should be in. No more driving around at 35 MPH in 6th gear. Enhanced drivability compared to stock. You will fall in love with your vehicle again! Support for modifications like tire size or aftermarket gear ratios. We don't just change a handful of values within our tune, we tune multiple maps for tires and gears as well! *For vehicles with the ability to be octane learning
  • What vehicles does Nexus Tuning support?
    Nexus Tuning currently supports the following vehicles: 3rd Gen Tacoma (2016+) (V6 models only at this time) 2nd Gen Tundra (2007-2022) 5th Gen 4Runner (2009+) Nexus Tuning is always working on supporting additional vehicles. Contact us if you have any questions about support for another vehicle! Even though we may not offer it on our website, we may be able to assist you.
  • How much does it cost to get a tune?
    Pricing information is listed on each page dedicated to the vehicles we offer tuning services for. We also list pricing when booking an in-person tune. Note: Pricing is subject to change based on customer requests or any discounts the tuner may be providing.
  • What options do I have if I want to get a tune?
    There are currently two options that Nexus Tuning offers: You don't have the vF Tuner hardware and software with a current license: You find the closest professional licensed tuner and book the tune here. Once the booking is confirmed the tuner assigned will reach out to you with any questions and get the tune flashed during the date and time you selected. You have vF Tuner hardware and software and you have a current license: You request a tune pack here. Once received, we will send you a tune pack with the files for your specific vehicle. Please allow up to 3 business days before contacting us on the status of your tune pack.
  • What is included with the tune?
    For in-person tunes: Updating your vehicle to the latest stock calibration ID prior to flashing our custom tune (if necessary). This will be necessary if the stock calibration ID does not match the tune's ID. Multiple tune options for you to select from.* Free updates while the tune is still supported. For tune packs: Each tune pack will contain multiple tune files for you to select from*, along with instructions (if necessary). Free updates while the tune is still supported. *Options may include different throttle responses, octane rating, or gear lock.
  • How long does flashing a tune take?
    It takes approximately half an hour from start to finish. This includes updating the ID (if necessary), flashing the tune, and performing a test drive to ensure you are satisfied.
  • Where can I find the closest Nexus Tuning tuner near me?
    You can use our location map or find one while booking a tune. In the search bar of the map you only need to type in your city and state and it will return the closest tuner to you.
  • Are tunes offered by Nexus Tuning safe?
    Each tune offered by Nexus Tuning has been thoroughly tested by the developers of Nexus Tuning, along with any other testers we may use. There is no need to be concerned about the safety of the tunes we offer, you can rest assured the tunes are safe and operate well within the parameters that the engine was designed for. However, we are also not responsible for how someone drives a vehicle that has previously had our tuning services.
  • Can the tune be detected by Toyota or Lexus?
    Technically, yes. Toyota and Lexus do not have any flash counters or similar means of detecting tunes but it is possible to perform a checksum of the ECU and verify it does not match their calibration. And while that possibility exists, we have never heard of this occurring.
  • Will a tune void my warranty?
    Partially. First, a warranty is not entirely voided from a tune. For example, if your radio stops functioning, the dealership cannot blame the tune on this issue, and the warranty will still be in place. Second, Toyota and Lexus will not go out of their way "searching" for a tune if a vehicle is brought in for warranty repairs. However, if you are in need of warranty repairs and you are concerned about potentially voiding your warranty, contact your tuner and they can return you to the stock calibration prior to bringing your vehicle in to have service.
  • Is the tune permanent?
    Yes! The tune will not go away over time or from a battery disconnect. The tune is stored in permanent memory of the ECU. The only way you could lose your tune is if the ECU is replaced or the calibration is overwritten. If this is the case, contact your tuner to have them flash the tune back to your vehicle.
  • Does Nexus Tuning offer adjustments in order to pass emissions?
    The tunes offered by Nexus Tuning will pass emissions. But, if you are considering Nexus Tuning and have a vehicle that does not pass emissions, we will not provide services to circumvent the requirements by your state or local laws.
  • Do tunes by Nexus Tuning adjust any parameters for Adaptive Cruise Control?
    Currently there are no direct shifting maps available within vF Tuner for Adaptive Cruise Control but we do expect to have them in the near future. However, other edits made within our tune absolutely affect Adaptive Cruise Control, and have severely reduced gear hunting while Adaptive Cruise Control is set.
  • How can I apply to become a tuner for Nexus Tuning?
    Fill out our application here if you think you've got what it takes!
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